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Terms & Conditions
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1. Rivieraplay.com's rights and responsibilities

a) Rivieraplay.com is an online casino fully licensed in Curacao, and legally bound by all regulations regarding this license.
b) Rivieraplay.com is committed to keeping player's information safe and confidential and has installed security software to this end. Personal information will be kept confidential unless rivieraplay.com is required in a certain situation to provide it to a court or other authority.
c) Rivieraplay.com reserves the right to transfer a player's information to our affiliates, service providers, partners, financial institutions and/or group companies in accordance with strict legal guidelines. This will be done in order that the casino and its services may be provided to players in a complete and professional manner.
d) A random number generator is used to make sure all results of each and every game on the site are fair and equitable to every player and the casino. Therefore, the player accepts that this is the method in which results are determined.
e) Rivieraplay.com reserves the right to, and does, monitor all games offered on the site, including specific rolls, wagers, hands and so forth in order to keep all games safe and fair for all players.
f) Rivieraplay.com has the right to change, delete or add games as they see fit from time to time.
g) Rivieraplay.com will not be held liable for any damages, liabilities, costs, and/expenses incurred to a player due to their entry, use and/or reuse of the rivieraplay.com website, its games and software, its software provider or through receipt of prizes from the casino. In this clause, Rivieraplay.com refers to all employees, directors, licensees, officers, affiliates, wholesalers, distributers, agents, subsidiaries, media partners, advertising and marketing agencies, promotors and retailers.
h) From time to time, circumstances beyond the control of rivieraplay.com may cause a disconnection to occur between the player and the site. If this is to occur, the player may not hold the casino liable for any losses or damages incurred. The casino keeps an up-to-date record of the player's account balance with the casino server at all times. This means that after being reconnected, the player may resume their game where they left off prior to.
i) Rivieraplay.com reserves the right to withhold money or playing rights from a player in the case that the casino deems the player to have acted fraudulently or falsely. This includes all manner of cheating, including using a system or machine in order to circumvent the random nature of the results of each and every one of our games. Collusion and syndicate play is completely forbidden and illegal.
j) Rivieraplay.com may cancel any player's account at any time. Any moneys in the player's account will be credited back to the player's bank account.
k) If a player does not log into their account for a continual 60 days, that account will come under review. The casino reserves the right to void the balance and close the player's account.

2. Intellectual Property of the Casino

a) Rivieraplay.com owns all intellectual property on the site, including content, information, material and data provided on the site, as well as marketing, videos, text, graphics, trademarks, logos, software and data files. These are made available to the players to download in order to take part in the services provided by the casino for personal use only.
b) No intellectual property of the casino may be copied, changed, distributed, published, sold, licensed or otherwise used by any other person or company without specific written permission.
c) Players who agree to and sign on to the terms and conditions by ticking the 'I agree with the terms and conditions' box, are entitled to download the casino and its software in order to play games and use the services of the casino for personal use only.
d) The software is used by the player without any warrantees or guarantees to the player.

3. Registering on Rivieraplay.com

a) Rivieraplay.com is a real money casino. Players select which currency they would like to use for their real money account. Players not wishing to wager real money must select the 'play for fun' option on the site. This option will not provide any real money prizes to players.
b) All information given to rivieraplay.com by a potential player must be accurate, up-to-date and honest.
c) In order to play at Rivieraplay.com, a player must be at least 18 years of age. In some jurisdictions the age limit is higher, and players must confirm the legal age in their vicinity before participating in any real money games on rivieraplay.com.
d) In order to play at Rivieraplay.com, a player must have signed the back of the credit card that the player has entered into the casino, in order to deposit. in case that the back of the credit card are not signed, Rivieraplay.com may cancel the player's account at any time.
e) Players must reside in a jurisdiction that permits online gaming for real money in order to play at Riveriaplay.com.
f) People who are employees or the immediate family of employees of rivieraplay.com are ineligible to create an account with, play games on or take part in promotions relating to the site.
g) When a player uses the software provided on rivieraplay.com, it must be for personal use only. Players may not use the software for any professional or commercial use what-so-ever. This is totally prohibited by law.
h) Rivieraplay.com is committed to keeping player's information safe and confidential and has installed security software to this end. Personal information will be kept confidential unless rivieraplay.com is required in a certain situation to provide it to a court or other authority.
i) A player wishing to withdraw funds must have already made at least one deposit into their account.
j) Players may only hold one rivieraplay.com account. If a player shares any account details with someone else, either purposefully to allow them to share the account, or accidently, rivieraplay.com cannot be held accountable or liable for any damages or loss incurred.
k) Only the person whose details match those on a particular account may play at rivieraplay.com using that account, Players' accounts may be closed immediately if the casino discovers any use by another player of a specific account not in their name.
l) By registering with rivieraplay.com, the player agrees that their name and photograph may be used in advertising and promotion for the casino if they win an amount playing games on the site. This will be done without any compensation except what is legally required.

4. Accepting Terms and Conditions

a) When a player ticks the 'I accept these terms and conditions' box during registration, this means that the player agrees to have read, understood and agree to all and every one of the terms and conditions as laid out here.
b) If a player is unsure of, misunderstands or does not agree to a term or condition, then they shall not participate in any of the games or other services offered by the casino site.
c) Players must be aware that terms and conditions may change from time to time and that it is their sole responsibility to check these on occasion to make sure they are compliant with any new, deleted, or changed clauses.
d) The Terms and Conditions as laid out here constitute an agreement between the player and rivieraplay.com casino regarding the use of all rivieraplay.com's services.

5. Wagering

a) All wagers will occur according to the rules of the particular game chosen by the player. If a malfunction or disconnection occurs, all wagers placed on the game will be voided.
b) Any transactions taking place with an account under the player's user name are the responsibility of the player. It is therefore essential that the player takes full responsibility to keep other players from using their account and knowing their user name and/or password.
c) All transactions and wagers are logged on rivieraplay.com's transaction logs. This means that there is complete proof of every single wager made and the date and time it took place.
d) If a player is using a slots bonus and playing roulette with it, his winnings will be reviewed and we reserve the right to cancel them.
e) If a player is using too much a roulette method, his account will be reviewed and we reserve the right to cancel his account.
f) If free money is given, and the player has generated winnings from that free money, the player will not be able to withdraw any money, without depositing, in the casino. there will be a maximum cash out amount applied by the casino.
g) Moneys from illegal or criminal activities may not be used to make wagers on the site.
h) The wagering history of a player will be kept confidential by the casino at all times and in all situations.
i) In order to use a bonus, the player must play 35 times the relevant bonus.

6. Deposits and withdrawals

a) A player must roll over their deposit at least before making a withdrawal on the amount.
b) When a player makes a deposit to their rivieraplay.com account or make any other payment to rivieraplay.com, they agree that they will not make any chargebacks. Neither will a player reverse or deny any payment made. If any of these actions are performed, the player is responsible for reimbursing the casino to the full amount taken. This includes any extra losses incurred by the casino as a result. It is rivieraplay.com's right to cease providing services to a player or to disallow their use of particular debit or credit cards as a consequence of this.
c) A player is responsible for paying any and all taxes on winnings or prizes received from rivieraplay.com throughout the course of this agreement.
d) All withdrawals will be paid in from £/€/$250 and up to £/€/$3000 installments. To approve the withdrawal This process may take 5-10 business days and be dependent on player class (for example higher classes of VIP may receive their withdrawals faster than a regular player). The casino will send an email to the player advising that their money has been sent.
e) The casino won't pay two successive withdrawals in the case the player is not active after the first withdrawal.
f) The casino's security department reserves the right to allow for clearance of changed payment instructions.
g) Higher winnings may be paid out over a number of weeks.
h) When a player wishes to cash in winnings, an audit will take place by the casino before winnings can be processed.
i) The appropriate documentation, in the form of proof of identity, including address, copies of credit card or other proof will be provided in order for withdrawals to be processed. The player may be locked out of their account or winnings/cash ins voided if proof of identity is not provided to the casino within a period of 3 weeks.
j) Players may not cash in on a promotion without first completing the requirements of the promotion.
k) All withdrawals will be limited according to the player categories.

7. Disputes

a) All disputes must be forwarded by email to the casino by the player within an hour of the disputed event occurring. The casino will respond to the player within two business days. The decision of the casino is final and binding.

8. Promotional Terms and Conditions

a) To receive bonuses, the player must have a valid email address and telephone number.
b) Documentation in the form of proof of identity may be requested in order for a bonus to be redeemed to a player.
c) When determining the welcome bonus offered on the site, a new player is one that have opened a new account but never opened an account with rivieraplay.com in the past.
d) Player that have duplicate account, Rivieraplay.com may cancel the player's account at any
d) One bonus amount is available to each player only
e) Any bonuses related to a new account are for the first deposit made to the new account.
f) Promotions have a limited time attached to them, and the casino may end the promotion at an earlier time if deemed relevant.
g) Each promotion given by the casino are presented individually and cannot be combined unless otherwise advertised.
h) It is the player's responsibility to check which games permit use of coupons and which are not part of the scheme.
i) If a game is restricted, wagering on that game will not count towards the requirements on a particular promotion and may void all winnings related to that particular promotion for the player.
j) If a player decides not to participate in a free money promotion, the casino must be advised by email in order for that money not to be transacted.
k) All players who partake in promotions must do so according to the terms and conditions set above or the site reserves the right to react to non-compliance accordingly.